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At Institutional Asset Manager we produce a number of special reports, updated each year to focus on jurisdictional, regulatory, technical and product investment issues in detail. Each report is produced with its own independent editorial and supported with detailed contributions from industry experts.

Please browse the list below to select and read our special reports. Please contact us if you would like to receive a schedule of our special reports or participate in them

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Special Report

AlphaQ December 2016

AlphaQ interviews the most famous disruptors, Alan and Gina Miller, who have peaked with Gina’s challenge to the legality of the current proposed Brexit process but have previously earned their stripes with calls for full transparency on fund fees and an

Special Report

Luxembourg Fund Services 2016

The introduction of the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) regime - that embraces the concept of the AIFMD being manager-focused regulation - could be a game changer in the future development of Luxembourg as Europe’s leading funds centre as it s

Special Report

AlphaQ October 2016

The cover issue of October’s issue of AlphaQ is an interview with Alper Ince, managing director at PAAMCO, which manages over USD10 billion in discretionary assets and advises on an additional USD11.8 billion in assets. Elsewhere, James Williams looks at

Special Report

AlphaQ - August 2016

The cover story of the August edition of AlphaQ brings you an interview with CVC Credit Partners, a global alternative investment manager focused on sub-investment grade debt capital markets in the US and Europe, which manages USD14.4 billion. Elsewhere i