SigTech launches Data Showroom for alternative data owners

Quant technology provider SigTech has launched a new Data Showroom, which revolutionises the way data owners sell their data to fund managers and asset owners, reducing the sales cycle from months to weeks.

Responding to the booming alternative data market that is set to grow from USD1.7 billion today to USD69 billion by 2028, the SigTech Data Showroom is the first platform of its kind, making alternative data readily available for signal discovery and strategy construction within a market leading backtesting engine. 

Data Showroom allows users to validate the value of alternative data within days rather than months, by providing preloaded, mapped and harmonised data, as well as signal code examples and backtesting building blocks. It also provides more transparency into how customers are using their data, making it easier to better engage prospects and to convert trial users into paying clients. 

As a result, Data Showroom unlocks a broader addressable audience for data owners and helps to identify and scale their most successful market segments.  
Andrew Liddle, Chief Operating Officer at SigTech, says: “Data Showroom is a game-changing new product that fills a critical gap in the data value chain.  We’re excited to unlock value for the entire data ecosystem and help quant investors and traders to minimise alpha decay.

"Data Showroom presents an opportunity for data owners to differentiate their proposition and capture the huge monetisation opportunity in this market.” 

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