Satuit Technologies by Tier1 Financial Solutions partners with Versoft Consulting

Satuit Technologies by Tier1 Financial Solutions (Tier1), a global specialist in CRM, AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions, has partnered with Versoft Consulting to bring enhanced integration to the Satuit product suite and portfolio accounting solutions. 

The partnership extends Satuit’s offerings to their asset management client base, aimed at increasing functionality and lowering costs by enabling integrated up-to-date client data.

Satuit is leveraging the integration capabilities of Versoft Consulting's VAAS CONNECT suite to allow a fluid conversation to occur between the Satuit product suite and a wide range of portfolio accounting systems. Satuit will host the data in its cloud application making it accessible to users on both desktop and mobile devices.

“As the financial industry becomes increasingly data-driven, it can be incredibly difficult and time consuming for relationship managers to sift through vast amounts of information to identify actionable insights,” says Matt Braman, Manager of Custom Solutions at Versoft Consulting. “Our partnership with Satuit aims to address these issues by delivering investor portfolio data directly into the CRM or Investor Portal, greatly improving workflow efficiency.” 

Satuit has made several enhancements to its product suite to make it easier for users to uncover these insights including a new user interface with dashboard charts, administrator functions, and form rule management. Its API offering was also extended, allowing clients to easily capture critical updates and trigger downstream processes via their workflows. Subscribing to Versoft Consulting’s service suite, VAAS CONNECT, to enhance CRM and portfolio accounting integrations is just the latest move to improve client experience. 

“Over the past couple of years, we have seen firms increasingly leverage CRM to not just organise client data and track opportunities, but also to manage investor data for insights,” says Manish Patel, Chief Operating Officer, CRM at Tier1. “By working with Versoft Consulting, we are able to deliver consolidated, insight-driven investor information in one solution that can be securely accessed anywhere.” 

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