GPW benchmark uses new Index Calculator

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The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) has completed the development of the Index Calculator, a module of any trading system necessary to calculate and publish capital market indices in real time.

GPW has reviewed the solutions available on the market and decided to develop a proprietary solution based on state-of-the-art technology and the competences and experience of its staff. The end result is a product which supports a very flexible setup of indices based on traded instruments. With an open input interface, the system can download data from multiple sources. The modern architecture of the Index Calculator ensures scalability of performance and supports parallel multiple index calculations. The functionalities of the solution meet the regulatory requirements under the Benchmark Regulation (BMR).

“We have completed one of the projects under the Strategy GPW2022 which supports our technology arm by developing solutions for our own needs and for commercialisation. Implemented by GPW Benchmark, the Index Calculator interacts with the legacy trading system but has been designed as a module of a new trading system which GPW is developing. I am proud that this critical component of a trading system has been implemented seamlessly in its environment, a great achievement of the project team including GPW and GPW Benchmark staff as well as our technology partner,” says Dariusz Kułakowski, GPW Management Board Member for IT and Technology.

The index and benchmark provider GPW Benchmark has been using the new Index Calculator since 24 September 2021. “The new calculator of stock and bond indices delivers state-of-the-art technology combined with improved performance and allows GPW Benchmark to expand its product range. We have ambitious plans of co-operation with the financial market, of which the new tool is an important factor,” says Zbigniew Minda, President of GPW Benchmark.

GPW Benchmark is the first user of the new Index Calculator. “The Warsaw Stock Exchange is planning to offer the new product to foreign customers. The project will be commercialised by GPW Tech. The new Index Calculator is yet another tool in the family of modules of the new trading system. Similar to TCA Tools and Market Surveillance, the new product can be sold on a stand-alone basis. Thanks to high computing power, it will successfully compete with similar solutions offered by the most technologically advanced exchanges,” says Witold Wiliński, President of GPW Tech.

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