Chartwell Investment Partners launches Short Duration Bond Fund

Chartwell Investment Partners has launched the Chartwell Short Duration Bond Fund (CWSDX), which will be available to individual investors and through major investment platforms including, but not limited to, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, and Pershing.

CWSDX is a short duration, fixed income fund that invests at least 75 per cent of its net assets in investment grade short duration bonds and can allocate up to 25 per cent of the fund to short duration high yield bonds. The investment objective of the Fund is to maximise current income by investing in high quality, short maturity fixed income securities while also preserving capital.

The Fund is managed by a team of seven investment professionals, including Lead Portfolio Manager Christine F Williams and Assistant Portfolio Manager James W Fox. Chartwell’s Fixed Income team brings an average of 18 years of investment experience to the Fund. As of 30 June, 2021, Chartwell had about USD7 billion in assets under management in fixed income institutional and retail clients.

“Our team is excited to add the Chartwell Short Duration Bond Fund to our product lineup, where we will continue to offer investors our income oriented, disciplined value, bottom-up approach,” says Williams.

Chartwell’s fixed income market strategy is implemented by assessing the credit profiles of high quality issuers through extensive credit research. The team invests in companies dedicated to stable or improving credit profiles.

“We are pleased to announce that our veteran and talented team has once again used their expertise to build another quality short duration fixed income option for our clients,” says Chartwell Chief Executive Officer Tim Riddle.

In addition to its fixed-income mutual funds and investment strategies, Chartwell offers several equity products to institutional, retail, and individual investors. The fund family includes the Chartwell Short Duration High Yield Fund (CWFIX), Chartwell Small Cap Value Fund (CWSIX), Chartwell Income Fund (BERIX), Chartwell Mid Cap Value Fund (BERCX), and Chartwell Small Cap Growth Fund (CWSGX).

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