X-Margin and Qredo partner to unlock secure credit for institutional digital asset trading

Qredo, a decentralised custodial infrastructure provider, is partnering with X-Margin, a specialist in applying privacy-preserving technology to facilitate credit to institutions trading digital assets.

The partnership brings together borrowers and lenders in a secure Layer 2 custodial and settlement network. X-Margin and Qredo are running a pilot program with leading institutions to showcase how they are addressing the major obstacles holding back the scaling of credit through centralised and decentralised (DeFi) lending platforms.

Anthony Foy, CEO of Qredo, says: "Secure borrowing and lending have been missing from the digital asset ecosystem, creating a credit crunch that has limited the capital efficiency and trading capabilities of institutions moving into the market. Adding X-Margin Credit to the services available on Qredo Network makes borrowing and lending as secure and seamless as possible throughout the lifecycle of the loans."

X-Margin Credit's real-time asset monitoring enables borrowers to establish their creditworthiness without revealing sensitive information to anyone. On Qredo Network, borrowers can initiate loans and settle margin calls instantly. Lenders gain security through X-Margin Credit’s increased visibility of risk and programmatic governance of funds using Qredo Wallet’s built-in multi-party computation (MPC) controls. The partnership aims to solve an acute problem in the crypto space in a scalable and disintermediated way. 

Darshan Vaidya, CEO of X-Margin, says: "Applying our technology to Qredo Network will enable seamless bilateral lending and control within a secure and tested architecture. The combination will drive more capital efficiency for trading firms on the Qredo network, while empowering lenders with the highest standard of bilateral risk analysis available in the market.” 

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