Blackrock adds income fund to MyMap range

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BlackRock's MyMap range surpassed USD791 million in AUM as at 10 September 2021. Since its launch two years ago, the MyMap range has delivered an average return across all five funds of 13 per cent year to date and 26 per cent since launch.

The MyMap range is designed to help investors achieve their financial goals through simple, cost-effective funds matched to their risk appetite. The Funds are built using BlackRock’s iShares ETFs and index funds, investing across an underlying universe of bonds, stocks, alternatives and cash. Each of the MyMap funds has a predefined risk profile, which is vital to achieving the right balance of risk and return potential in line with an individual’s financial position and investment goals. The funds are actively managed and rebalanced on a quarterly basis to reflect the changing financial environment.

Launch of MyMap 4 Select Income
BlackRock has further extended the MyMap range with the launch of the MyMap 4 Select Income Fund. The Fund seeks to provide a return on investment via both capital growth and income through an actively managed portfolio, whilst also maintaining a risk profile of 6 per cent-9 per cent as measured by volatility over a five-year rolling period. The Fund uses the interest payments received from investing in bonds and the dividends from equities to help generate an income for investors. The OCF of the new MyMap income fund is 0.28 per cent[2].
The MyMap 5 Select ESG fund has delivered returns of 20 per cent since its launch in June 2020. The Fund considers a broad range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues by monitoring the ESG score for the individual underlying funds in the portfolio, as well as the carbon emission intensity for the investment allocation to equities and the governance scores for the allocations to corporate bonds. It has a volatility target of 8-11 per cent and carries an OCF of 0.17 per cent.

Joe Parkin, Head of Banks and Digital Channels in the UK at BlackRock, comments: “Due to the impact of COVID-19, many people have reassessed their financial positions over the last 18 months and taken steps to improve their financial health, resulting in an enormous increase in UK household savings with an estimated GBP1.5 trillion now sitting in individual bank accounts. Investing can play a key role in meeting financial goals allowing people to access not only higher returns than a savings account, but also to mitigate the growing risks that inflation presents to cash deposits. By becoming an investor today, savers can make their money work harder for them.

Simon Rabin, CEO and Founder of Chip, says: "We currently offer four MyMap funds within our Platform, and they consistently rank among the most popular with our investors. We're seeing an appetite for the more sophisticated, actively managed funds and a high demand for BlackRock's MyMap 5 Select ESG Fund. The latter presents some interesting user trends - we're seeing a sharp uptake among our female investors, as they are currently outpacing men when it comes to ethical investing choices. The past few years have really fuelled investors’ interest in ESG funds, and we delighted that we are able to offer our users an option to invest in BlackRock’s MyMap range.”

Rob Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Ludlow Wealth Management Ltd, says: “At Ludlow we use a goals-based investment approach with our clients and we’re happy to use Blackrock’s MyMap range of funds as part of this strategy. As one of several solutions our consultants use, the MyMap range of funds allows clients to access low cost multi-asset funds which are risk managed and which help them meet their future financial goals.”

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