New research reveals 'room for improvement' in investment management services provided to charities

New research with senior executives of UK based charities who collectively have around GBP3 billion in investible assets, reveals room for improvement when it comes to the services provided by investment management firms.

The survey, which was commissioned by the charity investment arm of independent investment manager James Hambro & Partners, reveals only 38 per cent describe the investment advisers they use as ‘very transparent’ in terms of how they work and their charges. Just over half (54 per cent) describe them as ‘reasonably transparent’, but one in twelve (8 per cent) say they are not transparent at all.

This helps explain why only 42 per cent said the information provided to them by their investment advisers is ‘very easy’ to understand. Some 13 per cent say it is not easy or it is very difficult to understand.

Overall, just one in five (20 per cent) say they receive a very bespoke service from their investment advisers, 61 per cent describe it as quite bespoke and 19 per cent say it is not very bespoke to their needs.  

Only 27 per cent describe the client service they receive from their investment advisers as ‘excellent’, 48 per cent say it is good, but one in four (25 per cent) describe it as average or poor.

Nicola Barber, Partner – Head of Charities, James Hambro & Partners says: “When it comes to their investments, charities need to ensure they meet their strict ethical and ESG criteria and specific investment targets.  This requires that they have a portfolio built around their specific requirements and from a team that has the experience and tools at their disposal to deliver on this.”    

James Hambro & Partners has considerable experience of managing funds for charities and not-for-profit organisations.  Using its first-hand experience, it has shaped its service to address the specific needs and challenges of charities with over GBP1 million of investible assets.  Its clients span a broad range of charitable purposes.

James Hambro & Partners builds genuinely bespoke portfolios for its charity clients and responds to their ethical concerns, using market-leading research and proprietary analysis to identify companies and sectors that might contravene the standards they set. It is committed to delivering clear communication, and clients can talk directly to the team managing their money whenever they need to. They deliver reports tailored to their clients’ needs and they are designed to be understood by trustees of all levels of financial experience.

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