AlgoTrader adds FX banker to Board

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AlgoTrader, a global institutional specialist in trading infrastructure for digital and traditional assets, has appointed global financial investment expert Martin Wiedmann to its board.

Wiedmann has 30 years of international investment banking experience with major global financial institutions in Frankfurt, Luxembourg, New York and Zurich, including heading the global FX sales departments at both UBS and Credit Suisse. He holds various board positions, as well as being a member of the Standing Committee of the FX Committee of the Bank of England and of the European Economic Senate. Wiedmann will support the ongoing global expansion of AlgoTrader, especially regarding digital asset banking clients.

“Martin will be an excellent addition to our board and brings in extensive experience. He was the person who drove UBS to number one in the institutional FX space, and with his banking network he will be able to open many doors for us,“ says AlgoTrader founder and CEO Andy Flury.

New challenges and innovation have always been part of his professional career, says Wiedmann: “Digital assets have brought new opportunities for currency trading experts and AlgoTrader provides them with the best trading infrastructure. That is why I am excited to join AlgoTrader in driving a sector that I know very well and that will be fundamentally changed by blockchain technology. I look forward to being part of this change in asset trading.”

Wiedmann replaces Luzius Meisser, who is leaving the Board of Directors at his own request. Flury says: “I would like to thank Luzius Meisser for his dedication and always very goal-directed cooperation in the Board of Directors over the past three years. Now we are greatly looking forward to the expertise of Martin, whom I warmly welcome to the Board on behalf of the company.”

Flury, Roger Altorfer, Martin Trepp and Theo Woik remain on the Board of Directors of AlgoTrader.

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