Manulife Investment Management makes two Asia-Pacific funds available in Europe

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Manulife Investment Management has made two new Asia-focused funds available in Europe - the Manulife Global Fund Asian Small Cap Equity Fund and the Manulife Global Fund China Total Return Bond Fund. 

The announcement reflects an increased demand from investors for Asia – Pacific investment strategies and Manulife Investment Management’s goal to expand into the European market through its Manulife Global Fund offering.

With over a century of on-the-ground investment experience, teams in 10 developed and emerging Asian markets, and more than 160 Asia-based investment professionals, Manulife Investment Management has extensive investment capabilities in Asia. As of 30 June, 2021, its Asia ex-Japan and Emerging Markets fixed income and equities assets totaled more than USD90 billion as of 30 June 2021.

Endre Pedersen, Chief Investment Officer, Global Emerging Market Fixed Income, Manulife Investment Management, says: “As a leading provider of Asian fixed-income strategies we recognise the ongoing structural, policy and demographic changes evident in the region and are well positioned to take full advantage, delivering results to our clients across the globe and now in Europe.

In addition, the firm has also made Manulife Global Fund Preferred Securities Income Fund available to European investors. The availability of these funds follows the offering of Manulife Sustainable Asia Bond, Manulife Dragon Growth and Manulife Asia Total Return Bond Funds to European investors earlier this year.

Andrew G. Arnott, Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Manulife Investment Management, United States and Europe says: “It’s an interesting time for investors to look at Asia, and China, in particular. China bonds deliver attractive nominal and real yields in a low yielding world and investors may benefit from both lower volatility and diversification attributes. We are excited to bring these opportunities to clients who have an interest in the region as we work to increase the availability of our offering in Europe.” 

“Asia is increasingly important to investors and stakeholders looking to access high growth opportunities,” adds Todd Cassler, head of institutional distribution, United States and Europe, Manulife Investment Management. “The investment teams take an active approach and are able to tap into the extensive knowledge of the on-the-ground Asia research team. We are pleased to have a strong product range of Manulife Global Funds for European investors.”

Manulife Asian Small Cap Equity Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth, with at least 70 per cent of its net assets invested in equity or Small Cap companies in the Asia Pacific region. Manulife China Total Return Bond Fund seeks to provide investors with broad exposure to China fixed income by investing in a combination of China offshore bonds (including USD-denominated bonds) and China onshore bonds to maximise returns. Manulife Preferred Securities Income Fund aims to provide income and potential capital appreciation by investing in one collective investment scheme with investment focused on global preferred securities.

The three funds are now available to professional investors across the UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Finland, supporting Manulife Investment Management's priority to deliver its broad range of specialized investment solutions to clients in Europe. Additionally, following the offering of Manulife Sustainable Asia Bond, Dragon Growth Fund and Asia Total Return Bond Funds in UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, earlier this year, Manulife Investment Management has now extended the availability of the funds to include Denmark and Finland. The funds are available in local currency share classes including GBP, EUR, and Swiss France.