Liontrust to launch Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund

Liontrust, a specialist fund management company, is to launch an Irish-domiciled UCITS Global Multi-Asset Fund on 13 October 2021 that is approved for distribution across Europe.

The Liontrust GF Sustainable Future Multi-Asset Global Fund, which is classified as SFDR Article 9, will be managed by Liontrust’s Head of Sustainable Investment Peter Michaelis and fund manager Simon Clements, supported by the award-winning 13-strong Liontrust Sustainable Investment team.
The Liontrust Sustainable Investment team has more than 20 years’ experience of managing the Liontrust Sustainable Future funds and manages more than EUR 14 billion across multi-asset, equity and fixed income strategies, including EUR8 billion in multi-asset funds. Very few fund management teams have such a long track of sustainable investing and offer SFDR Article 9 multi-asset funds.
The Liontrust GF Sustainable Future Multi-Asset Global Fund will seek to identify companies which help to create a cleaner, safer and healthier society for the future and aims to generate attractive returns for investors. The managers do this by identifying the key structural growth mega-trends that will shape the sustainable global economy of the future, and 21 investment themes to capture opportunities within these.
The managers will invest 40 per cent to 60 per cent of the Fund in equities, 20 per cent to 50 per cent in bonds and up to 20 per cent in cash. The ranges are the same as those used for the UK-domiciled Liontrust SF Cautious Managed strategy but with geographical exposures adjusted for non-UK investors. To the end of June 2021, the Liontrust SF Cautious Managed strategy outperformed its benchmark over three and five years and since launch in July 2014.
Peter Michaelis says: “The Liontrust Sustainable Investment team has been managing multi-asset funds in the UK for over two decades. We believe the equities and bonds of companies whose products and operations capitalise on the transformative changes that our process identifies will experience stronger growth and have better quality management than the market gives them credit for. We use this under-appreciated advantage to seek to deliver superior performance.
"Key differentiators of the team include the fact that engagement is an integral part of how we invest, which gives us greater insight, helps us identify leading companies and is used as a lever to encourage better business practices.
"Also, all elements of sustainable investment are integrated within a single team. Every member of the Liontrust Sustainable Investment team is responsible for all aspects of financial and ESG relating to an investment decision.
"We are excited to bring this new multi-asset fund to our European clients, with an opportunity to seek strong returns while benefiting society.”

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