Hedge fund and institutional investors forecast strong increases in levels of share trading

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Professional investors around the world are forecasting strong growth in the level of share trading over the next 12 months, new research from blockchain-based derivatives trading platform CloseCross shows.

Around 62 per cent expect levels of trading to increase with 16 per cent forecasting dramatic increases. Just 12 per cent believe trading levels will drop and just 4 per cent expect a dramatic fall with 26 per cent expecting trading levels to remain broadly unchanged.

The research by CloseCross, which is regulated under MIFID II rules, among professional investors around the world responsible for around USD380 billion in assets under management found the financials, information technology and energy sectors are regarded as offering the best growth opportunities for investors over the next year.

But the study with professional investors including hedge funds, wealth managers, institutional investors, fund managers and IFAs shows there are a wide range of views. 

While 52.5 per cent of investors said financials offered the best growth opportunities 36.6 per cent said it offered the worst opportunities. The 22.8 per cent saying industrials offered the best growth opportunities was slightly lower than the 23.8 per cent saying they offered the worst opportunities as the table below shows.

CloseCross, which enables traders to generate profits through a simplified three clicks process of selecting an asset, predicting price-bracket(s), and committing funds to these predictions, for a variety of asset classes including stocks, crypto, forex pairings, indexes, and commodities, believes traders will benefit from access to real time data from other traders.

CloseCross  CEO, Vaibhav Kadikar, says: “Stock trading is set for another strong year with professional investors expecting increased levels of trading to be sustained for the next 12 months.

“Picking the best sectors to invest in for growth is not as straightforward and while there is some consensus about the strongest sectors there is still considerable disagreement.

“Our platform offers CloseCross Crowd Wisdom which provides real-time data on the views and investments of other traders on the platform which can help investors make better decisions.”

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