New research reveals scale of institutional investors' inflation concerns

New research from Nickel Digital Asset Management (Nickel) reveals that 55 per cent of institutional investors and wealth managers are ‘very concerned’ about the threat of inflation, and a further 36 per cent are ‘quite concerned’. 

Institutional investors and wealth managers from the US, UK, France, Germany, and the UAE who collectively have USD275.5 billion in assets under management were surveyed, and 43 per cent predict inflation in the US will be higher over the next two years than leading authorities are predicting, and only 2 per cent expect it to be lower. Just over half (54 per cent) believe official predictions are correct.

In terms of the UK, 41 per cent of professional investors interviewed believe inflation will be higher than officials are predicting, and just 5 per cent think it will be lower. Again, just 54 per cent believe official inflation forecasts are correct.

In terms of what those surveyed think institutional investors will do to hedge the threat of inflation, 49 per cent said they expect them to invest in cryptocurrencies for the first time, and 45 per cent said those with allocations to cryptocurrencies will increase them.

Some 47 per cent believe they will increase their allocation to gold to hedge inflation, and 37 per cent said they will increase their exposure to real assets including property, other commodities and infrastructure.

Anatoly Crachilov, co-Founder and CEO of Nickel Digital, says: “Our research shows professional investors are very concerned about the growing threat of inflation, and many fear authorities have underestimated the scale of this problem.”

“However, our findings suggest they are taking action to offset this risk, and many are looking to invest in cryptoassets for the first time or increase their allocation as part of their plans.”

“Bitcoin is increasingly attracting investors’ attention as a long-term hedge against inflation. This is due to its fully transparent and finite supply, hardcoded on the protocol level. Unlike the US Dollar, Euro, or other fiat currencies, Bitcoin supply is capped in an immutable manner, which can’t be increased at the will of any issuing authority or a government. This unique independent monetary policy, full transparency of circulating supply, and credible neutrality are the drivers behind unfolding institutional adoption of crypto assets.”

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