Genesis launches new application composer, Framework, built on Microsoft FAST

Genesis, a low-code no-code application platform built specifically for financial markets, has launched a new Application Composer, alongside a number of significant platform enhancements. 

These large-scale changes to the Genesis infrastructure are designed to expand accessibility, improve efficiency, and enrich functionality across a broad range of financial markets participants across buy-side, sell-side, execution venue or clearing house.

“Financial markets software is one of the most complex and fast-paced environments imaginable and, frankly, completely exceeds the capabilities of first generation low-code platforms - they simply cannot keep up,” says Stephen Murphy, CEO of Genesis. “The rule of our world is ‘survival of the fastest’ - every decision we make as a company is designed to help break financial markets out of the cycle of zero flexibility, inefficient performance, and limited capabilities offered by first generation low code platforms and industry specific vendors.”
The newest additions to the Genesis platform further simplify the creation of complex, event-driven applications, by optimising developer tooling and providing a more visual experience. The updates include:

Upgraded Application Composer - Created with acceleration in mind, the Application Composer is an expertly curated graphical tool for defining underlying data models. To combat the complexities that often accompany data model configuration, the Application Composer increases visualisation and enhances clarity, to reduce errors commonly associated with software development. These visual tooling features also empower other non-developer roles to get more involved in the application build process, which further advances the process holistically. The result is an ability to develop software quickly and efficiently, while maintaining adequate control over data models.

FAST-based UI Framework - The Genesis UI framework has been upgraded to use Microsoft FAST as the underlying web technology. Microsoft FAST is a next-generation technology based on web components, providing Genesis clients a flexible and future-proof UI foundation without being tied to a particular front-end framework. This investment is a key part of Genesis’ commitment to reusability, empowering users to define and reuse their own custom UI components.

New UI Design System - The seamless design system is a collection of patterns, style guides and components for rapidly creating a high-quality and beautiful user experience. Composed of three core capabilities including Primitives, Composites, and Micro-front ends, these vital components optimize the building of user interfaces, including financial markets-specific software such as Trade Blotters and Trade Tickets. Coupling these elements into a navigable, singular platform has created a best-in-class UI design system for building financial services applications. 

Full Java 11 Compatibility -  As Java 11 has now reached broad adoption and maturity, the Genesis platform has been upgraded to use Java 11 as the baseline, moving away from Java 8. Java 11 includes several performance optimisations, as well as new features for profiling performance such as Flight Recorder. Java 11 is a 'long-term support' release that reinforces our commitment to enterprise requirements.