MAPFRE AM execs go back to school for ESG accreditation

MAPFRE AM’s senior executive team have gone back to school to continue strengthening their commitment to ESG by completing the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) European ESG certification programme.

The firm’s top asset management leaders, together with their teams, each worked to achieve the EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) certification. The certification assesses skills needed to achieve an efficient rating, measurement, and integration of ESG criteria into investment analysis.
MAPFRE Group Chief Investment Officer José Luis Jiménez and the head of MAPFRE AM, Chief Executive Officer Álvaro Anguita, decided to put themselves and their investment managers through the EFFAS course, so signalling how high industry standards could be implemented among investment professionals when it comes to ESG analysis and management.
José Luis Jiménez says: “The CESGA certification of senior executives and our management teams demonstrates how the asset management industry could adopt common standards of knowledge and understanding when considering ESG factors in analysis.  It also underpins MAPFRE’s on-going efforts to implement rigorous methodologies when analysing companies from an ESG perspective.”
MAPFRE AM, led by CEO Álvaro Anguita, has been developing its own proprietary ESG methodology for a number of years and is now seeking to ensure that all its managers adopt high standards by being wholly familiar with various sources of ESG data and tools; the challenges, issues, and problems of integrating ESG criteria into investment decisions; the opportunities and limits of measuring ESG criteria; the analysis of ESG in portfolios; and the impacts of ESG criteria on achieving risk-adjusted returns.