FTX Foundation Group launches the FTX Climate programme

The FTX Foundation Group, a collective group consisting of companies owned by Sam Bankman-Fried and related contributors (FTX Foundation), has launched the FTX Climate programme.

This global initiative is the first major program launched by the FTX Foundation and is centred around four ambitious goals: 1) meeting FTX Trading Limited’s (“FTX”) commitment to becoming carbon neutral this year, 2) funding research and policy initiatives that will have an outsized impact on the climate crisis, 3) supporting the growth of carbon removal solutions and 4) funding other climate related special projects.
FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried says: "FTX Climate is an important step for us in leaving the planet in a better place than it is today. We consider ourselves lucky to live in the world as we do, and we feel a responsibility to make sure future generations get to experience it as well. When we announced our commitment to becoming carbon neutral in May, we said we were going to do this right and find a holistic and impactful way to address climate change. This is just the first of many programs we plan to undertake in order to effectively support organisations trying to save our planet.”

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