DiligenceVault and Frontier Advisors partner

Frontier Advisors, an Australian independent asset consultant, has partnered with DiligenceVault, a digital diligence platform that delivers data collection and information exchange solutions for consultants, asset owners and asset managers. 

Frontier has been at the forefront of delivering investment advice to institutional investors for more than 25 years.

This client partnership delivers immediate benefits as an input source to Frontier's deep research, intelligent analysis and leading technology, including a digital hub for its investment research teams across public and private markets. Frontier now has the ability to leverage DiligenceVault's technology to optimise the process of collecting and centralising key asset manager and fund data, tapping into the more than 6,500 asset managers already on DiligenceVault.

The resulting efficiency and transparency will provide benefits across Frontier, its clients and asset manager partners, fostering more regular strategic dialogue, and is an important addition to Frontier's manager selection and monitoring technology infrastructure.

Paul Newfield, Director of Sector Research at Frontier, says: "Having the ability to collect more data in a very efficient and standardised way, where we can track the information, export the information and integrate this into our own analytical platform and qualitative research, will deliver benefits for clients. Managers, too, can gain a lot of efficiency from using the system once they are onboarded, and I think it is really appealing for all parties. Clients can benefit from deeper insights, Frontier benefits from a more scalable system where we can collect and analyse more data than ever before and managers benefit from the system efficiency it can deliver to them. The fact that DiligenceVault can provide mutual benefits for all parties was really appealing to Frontier."

"We align with Frontier's data-driven focus and are committed to delivering efficiency, transparency and digital backbone to their diligence teams. The Australian investment management industry is a sophisticated investor base working with asset managers across the globe. We are grateful for our new partnership in the region," says Monel Amin, Founder of DiligenceVault.