KSM Mutual Funds licenses Indxx Global Digital Healthcare Index for new index-tracking fund

KSM Mutual Funds has licensed the Indxx Global Digital Healthcare Index to serve as the underlying benchmark for KSM KTF (4D) Indxx Global Digital Healthcare Dollar Hedge (Tel Aviv: 05133418).

The index (Ticker: IGDHIN) seeks to accurately and comprehensively measure the performance of companies that provide Digital Healthcare services and making healthcare platforms available on internet.

It encompasses the following sub-themes: telemedicine (connecting physicians and patients digitally), healthcare analytics (collecting, producing, or storing data for healthcare related statistical analyses, including artificial intelligence), and digital healthcare (developing remote patient monitoring systems to assist doctors and empower patients). The industries identified through this research-based approach are those business segments that are expected to provide the most exposure to the future of healthcare in developed and emerging markets. 

“We’re entering an exciting era in healthcare—a time when not only medical professionals are harnessing the latest technologies to provide patient care, but patients themselves have more insight into how to maintain a healthier lifestyle," says Rahul Sen Sharma, Managing Partner at Indxx. “We are excited to partner with KSM Mutual Funds Ltd, who recognize the value in offering investors access to a sector that produces better patient experiences and outcomes.”

Added Vaibhav Agarwal, Chief Revenue Officer at Indxx: “Our index is the product of a unique methodology backed by top-notch research. It tracks the companies involved in the trends and technologies reshaping the healthcare industry, something that affects us all.”

Avner Hadad, CEO, KSM Mutual Funds Ltd, says: “KSM Mutual Funds Ltd congratulate the continued fruitful collaboration of KSM and Indxx. KSM will continue to bring advanced, innovative and up-to-date indices to the Israeli market. “
As of 20 July, 2021, the index has 46 constituents. It has a back-tested date of 31 May, 2016, and a live calculation date of 26 April, 2021.