Exchange Data International launches UK Unit Trust data service

Exchange Data International (EDI), a provider of global security corporate actions, pricing, and reference data services, has introduced a UK Unit Trusts Service to further enhance its Investment Funds coverage.

The UK Unit Trusts Service covers more than 16,000 share class funds from 200 fund management companies, providing comprehensive reference and corporate actions data. Users can rest assured that EDI covers all share classes in their portfolio.

EDI’s data team collects, analyses, and publishes the data for unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEIC). Working in parallel, a separate in-house team of experts liaise with the fund management companies to ensure the dividend and corporate actions data arrive promptly in EDI’s data centre.

Tony McCormack, Head of Global Investment Funds, says: “EDI aims to cover all tradable assets and this expansion to UK unit trusts is the first part of EDI’s strategic initiatives into the fund market, to be followed by products for Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

“Additionally, EDI provides distributions separately as dividends, interest and/or property income. So, it is simple and easy to work out investors’ tax liabilities. Whether you are taking data into back-office systems, retail platforms, software products or simply to use internally; let EDI do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your core business.”