Crypto Asset Rating Inc launches Composite Index for crypto tokens

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For more than a decade now, cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, security tokens have played a significant role and grabbed many financial companies' attention. In 2019, many large institutions started protecting investors from cryptocurrencies; in contrast, some significant exchanges have started providing bitcoin’s derivatives.  

With the mainstream market infrastructure has emerged, the asset class is now more accessible for institutional investors. Crypto Asset Rating Inc launched Composite Index for crypto tokens on Crypto Business World platform. Crypto Asset Rating Inc is one of the fastest growing fintech companies globally. “We are delighted to provide market participants with benchmarks that measure the performance of some of the most popular digital assets. Our composite index will give the comprehensive, granular overview of the market,” says Rippy Sethi, Chief Business Development Officer of Crypto Asset Rating Inc. 
The index is available on the Crypto Business World, a high-quality media platform. Readers can analyse the market performance based on the index constituent's data and the news and articles related to index tokens on this platform. 

These indexes are denominated in USD. Composite Index covers multiple primary tokens and is calculated on its free-float market capitalization. An index is updated with every change in the token value. The Index is managed by Crypto Asset Rating Inc's Index committee and steering committee. Members have rigor around the index calculations, and after doing thorough research, the financial analyst has selected the best tokens for each of the Indexes.