Eurizon Picks SS&C to support new UK fund launches

Eurizon SLJ Capital (Eurizon), the London-based asset manager of Italy’s Eurizon, has chosen SS&C’s Global Investor & Distribution Solutions (GIDS). Under the terms of the agreement, SS&C provides global transfer agency and shareholder services for Eurizon’s two new funds.

With EUR61 million at launch, Eurizon SLJ Bond Aggregate RMB (Renminbi) Fund (Renminbi Fund) and the Eurizon SLJ Local Emerging Markets Debt Fund (LEMD) provide UK investors with access to opportunities in China in GBP and Euro currencies. SS&C’s Distributor Client Services team will assist Eurizon in servicing the funds, powered by SS&C’s global investor servicing platform. The platform provides unique data-driven operational insights, real-time transparent oversight, intelligent automation, and state-of-the-art digital tools.
“When evaluating our choices, we were most impressed with the strength of SS&C’s superior global transfer agency offering,” says Mirko Andrea Sturmann, Chief Operating Officer. “SS&C’s GIDS enables us to deliver consistently high-quality service across jurisdictions in which our funds operate. We look forward to leveraging the embedded operational insights, intelligent automation and real-time oversight to grow our business.”
SS&C is the largest global transfer agency provider, servicing more than 55 million investors. Investor servicing is offered in many different countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. SS&C also services mutual fund structures in many other fund domiciles. GIDS leverages SS&C's global regulatory expertise to provide a consistent global approach to regulatory compliance, enabling providers to lower risk and improve client service.
“SS&C is looking forward to working with Eurizon to provide transfer agency and BPO services for the launch of its two new, innovative international debt funds,” says Nick Wright, Head of Global Investor & Distribution Solutions, SS&C Technologies. “In today’s global environment, investors worldwide expect access to quality digital tools and insights. SS&C’s breadth and depth of expertise support a consistent investor and distributor experience, regardless of jurisdiction.”