Cryptocurrency investor launches institutional research service with PCS Research Group

PCS Research Group has announced that Murray Stahl is launching “The Cryptocurrency Compendium Compilation”, an institutional research service focused exclusively on the cryptocurrency space.

Murray Stahl has published cryptocurrency research to institutional investors for seven years and his firm, Horizon Asset Management, is one of the earliest and largest institutional investors in the space. Given the lack of institutional-quality research in the crypto space, Horizon is now compiling Stahl's cryptocurrency commentary and analysis into a quarterly research report, finally giving fund managers a reliable source for institutional-grade analysis from the leading source in the space.

"A world in which cryptocurrency is an accepted medium of exchange is a very different world than the one in which indexation has hitherto operated,” says Stahl. “It might be a higher interest rate world. It might be a challenge to large capitalisation, centralised business models. More importantly, the pace of change will be more rapid than ever before in the history of civilisation."

Stahl's recent analysis includes topics such as corporate purchases of Bitcoin, smart contracts and the blockchain challenging large technology companies, Bitcoin versus gold as an inflation hedge, cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat currencies, the unlikely outlawing of Bitcoin, implications for equity valuations and perhaps the least understood component of the crypto ecosystem – the essentials of mining.

Horizon Kinetics is a New York based investment manager and has published research services to institutional investors since it was founded in 1994. These research services include The Contrarian Research Report, The Devil’s Advocate Report, The Stahl Report, The European Contrarian, and the Fixed Income Contrarian.