Bedford Row Capital mandated to lead on new “Orestes greenium” portfolio for Sustainable Capital PLC

Bedford Row Capital PLC has been mandated by Sustainable Capital PLC to create new, dual-currency managed portfolio certificates with a target annual yield of 550bps above IBOR and low volatility. 

Under the Orestes brand, the portfolio certificates will invest in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and society. The shortage of institutional capital for mid-size companies lets investors receive an above average ‘greenium’ return for funding high impact projects.   
Orestes will seek deliver outstanding value by focusing on impact companies which have the potential to deliver long term, sustainable income for investors. The investment approach is rooted in relative value and fundamental analysis and will be managed by Didier Bodart who has 10 years portfolio management and 30-plus years of industry experience.

Didier Bodart, the Portfolio Manager, says: “The principles of ethical investing are not new; combining top-down thematic investing with careful assessment of outcomes and impact at the individual investment level. Areas like food security, sustainable mining, geothermal energy production and the new terms of ‘net zero’ investing are highly thematic at the moment. However, it is the core processes of asset selection which differentiates this approach from the herd mentality around impact investing.”
Dr Scott Levy, Chief Executive Officer at Bedford Row Capital PLC, says: “Actively managed certificates represent the most efficient and cost-effective way for investors to gain exposure to a diversified pool of high impact companies. The focus on sustainable income is designed to provide both long term inflation proof income and high impact, measurable investments. The mandate from Sustainable Capital PLC represents a leaner, simpler, more transparent structure for investors than traditional fund management houses.”
Orestes should be suitable for low-risk institutional fund investors as well as charities and trusts. Designated charities will receive 10 per cent of all profits from Orestes. 
Bedford Row Capital PLC is an award-winning provider of structured securities solutions which includes the issuance of Shariah compliant certificates, green bonds, high-yield bonds, and senior secured conventional debt. The firm was founded in 2016 and has teams in London, Tallinn, Zurich, Singapore and Dubai. The firm has amassed experience across a variety of sectors including shipping, aviation, mining, property, financial services and alternative finance, ESG, and renewable energy. The firm prides itself on providing clients with access to the global capital markets as well as to the firm’s long-established partnership network.