Nemesis Asset Management launches Cyber One certificate

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London based Nemesis Asset Management LLP has launched the Nemesis Cyber One, an actively managed certificate focused exclusively on cyber security companies. 

This project is the result of a partnership and advisory agreement between Nemesis Asset Management and Mihai Ivascu, CEO of Modex.

Global cyber warfare is playing an increasingly important role in the current state of geopolitics. The new reality leads to massive spending both in offensive and defensive cyber solutions, most of them being provided by the leading US listed cybersecurity companies. After months of analysis, the joint team selected a strong mix of high performing cyber tech companies as part of the Nemesis Cyber One portfolio.

Pier Alberto Furno CEO of Nemesis Asset Management, says: "The world will be massively influenced by cybersecurity in the coming years and worldwide spending for cybersecurity will increase exponentially. It's a pleasure to be partnering and co-managing this project with Mr Ivascu who has a tremendous knowledge and entrepreneurial experience in this area."

Serial tech entrepreneur Ivascu the CEO of data protection company Modex says: "As 90 per cent of the world's data was produced in the last 24 months, the need for data and critical infrastructure protection is becoming a top priority for executives and governments around the world and a new reality in the tech industry. We have designed the Nemesis Cyber One product as a constructive mix between our applied experience of building companies and products in the cybersecurity space, and the proven expertise of Nemesis, one of the leading global asset managers with a very smart approach towards the fastest growing area of tech."