Leucadia Asset Management launches Solanas ESG Sustainability UCITS Fund

Leucadia Asset Management (LAM) has launched the Solanas ESG Sustainability UCITS Fund, a UCITS version of the Solanas ESG Sustainability Fund which pursues a strategy focused on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations. 

Solanas Capital, a division of LAM, is led by Portfolio Manager Diego Kuschnir, who has been investing in energy and sustainable resources sub-sectors for over 12 years. The Manager of the UCITS Fund is Waystone Fund Management (IE) Ltd, a company regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Solanas’ UCITS Fund will pursue an absolute return approach and seek to deploy capital primarily across alternative energy, sustainable resources, energy efficiency and technology, mobility, water infrastructure, vertical farming, recycling and waste management companies. The strategy, which takes a long/short approach, will look to capitaliae on the secular shift towards a low carbon economy and investments in sustainable resources. Solanas utiliaes a fundamental bottom-up approach, combined with a top-down thematic view. The Fund is expected to run with typical net exposure of 20-40 per cent.

Solanas Capital is further complemented by the support of LAM, which provides seed capital, operational infrastructure, global distribution, and a range of other services to its affiliated investment managers.

Nick Daraviras and Sol Kumin, Co-Presidents of Leucadia Asset Management, says: “We are very excited about the launch of this Fund, which leverages the successful strategies of Solanas Capital. The UCITS Fund will extend Diego’s experience in ESG-related investing to a broader investor base and will capitalize on the increasingly important themes of sustainability and climate change.”

Kuschnir adds: “Our team is excited to pursue this opportunity to extend our core strategies to an additional investor base, and we look forward to further capitalising on our relationship with LAM as we grow and manage our business.”