Net Inflows into long-term UCITS funds remain at a historically high level in April

The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) has published its latest monthly Investment Fund Industry Fact Sheet, which provides data on UCITS, and AIFs sold in April 2021, at European level and by country of fund domiciliation. 

Bernard Delbecque, Senior Director for Economics and Research, comments: “Spurred by stock market gains and the successful vaccine rollout across Europe, investor demand for equity UCITS remained strong in April, leading to total net sales of EUR211 billion since the start of 2021.” 

The main developments in April 2021 can be summarised as follows: 

Net sales – Net Sales of UCITS and AIFs totalled EUR96 billion, up from EUR78 billion in March 2021. 

Net Inflows – UCITS recorded Net inflows of EUR97 billion, compared to EUR69 billion in March 2021. 

Long-term UCITS – (UCITS excluding money market funds) recorded EUR89 billion of net sales, up from EUR71 billion in March 2021. 

Equity funds recorded net sales of EUR48 billion, down from EUR56 billion in March 2021. 

Bond funds registered net inflows of EUR20 billion, compared to EUR0.1 billion in March 2021. 

Multi-asset funds recorded net inflows of EUR17 billion, up from EUR13 billion in March 2021. 

UCITS money market funds recorded net inflows of EUR8 billion, compared to net outflows of EUR 2 billion in March 2021. 

AIFs – AIFs recorded net outflows of EUR 1 billion, compared to net inflows of EUR 8 billion in March 2021. 

Total Net Assets – The Total Net Assets of UCITS and AIFs increased by 1.1 per cent to EUR 19,873 billion.