Baillie Gifford extends partnership with Linedata

Independent investment firm Baillie Gifford has extended its partnership with Linedata with a new five-year agreement to deploy Linedata Icon, the company's flagship fund accounting platform. Baillie Gifford will additionally be introducing Linedata Icon ASP for a three-year contract. 

The new agreement will allow Baillie Gifford to continue to leverage the platform as its primary accounting book of record solution for ABOR activities, along with NAV calculation. The inclusion of Linedata Icon ASP will introduce new resource capabilities for Baillie Gifford through outsourcing of daily support tasks. 
Aldric Dupaïs, Linedata’s Global Head of Fund Services, says: “Linedata Icon’s extended capabilities will enable Baillie Gifford to continue developing its fund accounting processes. We always aim to be a strategic partner for our clients, supporting them in digital transformation.” 
The two companies have a longstanding relationship that has grown over time, with Baillie Gifford having used Linedata’s Icon fund administration service for over two decades as well as recently introducing Linedata Navquest, the Linedata NAV validation and price dissemination solution. 
Linedata Icon has enabled Baillie Gifford teams to manage funds on a single platform, with automation of back-office processes, including NAV checks and reporting and repetitive tasks – which has proved especially useful with remote working due to Covid-19.  
Linedata Icon’s scalability and flexibility make it easy to integrate with other systems, facilitates data provisioning and delivers performance enhancements, while ensuring business continuity.