One unique platform: A digital stack in a box

Andrew Morgan

TS Imagine: Best Risk Management Software Provider — The past year has accelerated the evolution of the asset management industry, as firms have contended with volatile markets, a remote workforce, and continued cost pressure.

All of this means that a robust digital strategy is now a “competitive imperative” for asset managers, says Andrew Morgan (pictured), chief revenue officer at TS Imagine, recently created following the combination of TradingScreen and Imagine Software.

“The asset management industry is one which is driven by data, clearly in terms of analytics, performance measurement and risk measurement, but increasingly as well in terms of workflows and client interactions,” says Morgan. 

At the same time, Morgan says that customers have become more sophisticated and accelerated their adoption of technology, spurred on by the pandemic and remote-working.

“They have to think about the best ways to future-proof their business, and clearly a digital strategy has to be front-and-centre, right up there with your alpha generation capability.” 

“It contributes to your alpha generation capabilities at the end of the day, if you’re able to risk-manage more effectively, make more efficient trading decisions, retain more of that alpha, and optimise asset allocation decisions.”

The impact of a digital strategy can be seen in an investment firm’s ability to produce best-execution reports that can show and justify decisions to regulators, stakeholders, and customers, through to managing risk and incorporating a rapidly-changing market environment in real-time, across asset classes.

Now, TS Imagine’s customers are looking to simplify and consolidate their workflows, which have often been split across multiple different systems and sources of data. This widespread fragmentation introduces new risks and is inefficient for users. 

Currently, Morgan says that the firm is working on a solution: “The most compelling change in terms of our business and the way that we’re responding to demand from the client base is in the bringing together of the quantitative DNA and analytical capabilities of the legacy Imagine Software business, and the workflow and UI expertise of the legacy TradingScreen business.”

TS Imagine is in the process of merging these two “best-in-class” products, TradingScreen, and Imagine Software, to create a single global, multi-asset, SaaS-based portfolio risk and execution product. 

“The ability to offer a front-to-back electronic stack in a box for a client is something that obviously, as standalone businesses, we weren’t really able to do,” says Morgan.

When it comes to the firm’s outlook for the coming year, Morgan expects demand for levelling up of digital capabilities will continue rising. 

“It’s my impression that there’s some pent-up demand to look at the technology stack,” says Morgan.

“Particularly in Europe – coming out of Brexit, MiFID II, and then Covid, where there was so much tech overhead being consumed by those really major disruptions to business – I think people feel as though they’ve got some opportunity to pursue some of that discretionary work that was on the back burner.” 

Andrew Morgan, Chief Revenue Office, TS Imagine
Andrew Morgan is President and Chief Revenue Officer at TS Imagine. Andrew has a Capital Markets background spanning two decades and a track record of taking innovative products to market. His primary focus is on accelerating the growth of TS Imagine’s SaaS cloud-based software platform across the financial services community. Andrew was previously at Goldman Sachs (1998-2004) and Deutsche Bank (2004-2019) and has extensive experience coordinating diverse global teams across sales, trading, product development, risk and compliance.