Axiom Optimal Fix renamed as Axiom Short Duration Bond Fund

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French asset manager Axiom Alternative Investment has changed the name of EUR351 million Axiom Optimal Fix, to the Axiom Short Duration Bond Fund.

The updated prospectus will be available free of charge and on request from Axiom Alternative Investments, as well as on the Management company's website
Axiom has decided to change the fund’s name so that it is more in line with its investment policy and strategy of investing primarily in low-volatility, low-duration bonds, thereby increasing its visibility and international positioning.

Managed by Adrian Paturle since its launch in August 2015, the fund has an annualized performance of 2.23 per cent.

David Benamou, Chief Investment Officer at Axiom Alternative Investments, says: "This name change seems particularly important to us today. The end of the health crisis also marks the end of a rate cycle and if interest rate volatility continues rising or if inflation spikes in the next few years, short duration strategies will be a refuge for many bond investors. Following a stellar fund performance since the start of the year, we have seen inflows of more than EUR50 million, reiterating our belief in this fund’s strategy.”

The rebranding has no impact on the fund's management objective, risk/return profile or on the fees borne by investors.