iClima Earth launches fund transparency feature using Tumelo’s API

iClima Earth (iClima), an environmental data analysis firm providing information on listed companies that can decarbonise the planet, has launched a new investment transparency feature using impact-focused fintech Tumelo's API.

The feature enables users to view all individual companies inside each fund and ETF displayed on iClima's website, with objective information available for each individual company.

Full investment transparency at this level is fast becoming popular for investment platforms, asset managers, financial advisors, and organisations looking to engage their users with ESG and present ethical investment packages. With the likes of Legal & General and Aviva already using Tumelo solutions, iClima will be the first data provider to embrace investment transparency to better inform their users.

Will Goodwin, Co-Founder and Commercial Officer of Tumelo, says: "The partnership shows the importance of transparency in facilitating impact and positive change. We are delighted to join forces with iClima to bring cutting edge transparency tools to encourage good stewardship and provide better and engaging experience for their users.”

As the demand for financial services to consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters becomes increasingly prevalent, greenwashing has become a real risk for unbeknown investors. Transparency ensures that investors are able to see whether the label is reflective of the product in an easy-to-use and user-friendly way.  

Gabriela Herculano, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iClima, says: “We are motivated by the concept that the best way to reduce CO2 equivalent (CO2e) in the atmosphere is by not emitting in the first place. iClima develops investment research and equity indices based on this laser focus – the decarbonisation of the planet.

“We believe the companies in our universe are offering truly relevant products, moving us away from Business as Usual based on fossil fuel and high emissions. Having said that, we want to enhance engagement between the shareholders and these companies, being a conduit for more disclosures, transparency, and sustainable practices. We see Tumelo’s solution as a fundamental tool to help us be a catalyst for change.”