Aubrey Capital Management launches UK onshore Global Emerging Markets fund

Edinburgh privately owned independent asset manager Aubrey Capital Management has launched a UK' onshore' version of its Global Emerging Markets fund with administrator Smith and Williamson to cater for demand from UK investors.

The new 'SVS Aubrey Global Emerging Markets fund', managed by Andrew Dalrymple, Rob Brewis and John Ewart, will invest in companies entirely focused on the growth in consumption and services in Emerging Markets.
The portfolio will provide exposure to this philosophy through active stock picking, combining a top-down and bottom-up approach with fundamental and disciplined analysis.
The focus will be on growth companies, with a market capitalisation of at least USD500 million, which are domiciled, or carrying out the core part of their economic activity, in an emerging market country.
The fund's current holdings are within the food and drink, clothing, housing, banking, e-commerce, travel, healthcare and wealth management sectors. Since its inception on the 14th March 2012, the strategy has delivered alpha, outperforming the MSCI TR Net Emerging Mkts index by 189 per cent, capturing 121 per cent of the upside and 84 per cent of the downside.
Aubrey Partner and Investment Director Andrew Dalrymple says: "I'm delighted to announce that our Global Emerging Markets fund is now available for retail and institutional investors in the UK."
"We've received a significant number of enquiries for a UK domiciled version of the fund from retail, institutional investors and investment platforms, so I'm thrilled to be able to offer them the UK version," says Dalrymple.
The new fund is now available for both retail and institutional investors. Aubrey is offering a founders’ share class until 12 August 2021.