FEG signs up to UN PRI

FEG Investment Advisors (FEG) has signed up to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI).

Founded in 2006, PRI is the world’s leading initiative on responsible investment. As a signatory, FEG will look to integrate ESG factors into investment decisions in accordance with the PRI’s six guiding principles that focus on the development of a more sustainable global financial system.
“At FEG, we view ESG as a part of Responsive Investing, the overarching term for any investments responsive to the unique needs and investment objectives of our clients. With a mission-driven client base, many of the institutions we work with are seeking opportunities to align investments with their values to drive meaningful change without having to sacrifice returns,” says Gary Price Managing Director of Institutional Services and Responsive Investing Team Leader at FEG Investment Advisors. “As a result, we are excited to be joining the PRI, a decision that comes as a natural evolution of our Responsive Investing commitment and reflects the intentionality of our approach to ESG.”
Across both its consulting and outsourced CIO (OCIO) businesses, FEG has capabilities to help institutions build sophisticated, diversified portfolios that incorporate customised Responsive Investing (RI) strategies aligned to their long-term objectives. Within its OCIO business, FEG has a nearly nine-year track record of discretionary ESG portfolio management. FEG’s current Responsive Investing strategy is customized to individual client needs and can include issue-specific screening for ESG criteria across multiple asset classes.
As part of its Responsive Investing program, FEG also integrates ESG questionnaires into the due diligence and Request for Information (RFI) process for all recommended investment managers. This series of ongoing questions allows FEG to track improvement of managers in areas like diversity and inclusion, adherence to exclusions in the portfolio and alignment with the United Sustainable Development Goals, among others.
“Responsive Investing has long been integrated into our approach at FEG in both our consulting and OCIO sides of the business. We are pleased to be able reinforce our commitment by becoming a signatory of the PRI,” says Tim O’Donnell, Senior Vice President at FEG Investment Advisors and Chair of the FEG Responsive Investment Committee. “We look forward to continuing to formalize the way we track and measure our own ESG progress and that of our managers, many of whom are also signatories of the PRI.”
FEG currently has a dedicated Responsive Investing Committee of eight employees who oversee Responsive Investing trends and investment opportunities, develop educational content, and conduct ESG screenings for client portfolios. FEG is also a member of several industry organisations including US Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SIF) and Confluence Philanthropy.