Unigestion launches balanced Strategic Fund

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Unigestion, an independent, specialist asset manager, has launched a balanced multi-asset fund to deliver strong adjusted returns to investors through economic cycles.

The Unigestion Classic Strategic Fund, domiciled in the Cayman Islands, is a US dollar denominated fund aimed at institutional investors with a target annualised return of cash +7 per cent. It has a minimum investment of USD5 million.
The Fund, which has launched with a commitment from a strategic investor, is a key component of Unigestion’s suite of multi-asset strategies that aim to harvest long-term risk premia embedded across bonds, equities, commodities, and currencies based on their sensitivity to macro environments.
Unigestion Classic Strategic is the second fund to be launched in this range, following the launch of the Delaware domiciled Unigestion Risk Premia Fund in 2020. The Fund is managed by Unigestion’s Cross Asset Solutions team, led by Jerome Teiletche. The team is responsible for managing over USD1.7 billion in multi asset strategies anchored around the firm’s macro risk-based philosophy. Further launches in this range are planned in the coming months.
Cyrille Urfer, Head of Sovereign Wealth Funds at Unigestion, says: “The launch of this fund has been a collaborative effort between Unigestion and our client, addressing their desire to work with a team that has a deep understanding of maximising long term risk adjusted returns over multiple business cycles and economic environments. We are pleased to have launched the fund in a structure that meets their requirements and that will enable others to invest given its wider appeal.”