FusionIQ delivers new secure open headless API’s

FusionIQ, an investment research and technology provider, has enhanced delivery of its digital advice workstation by allowing secure open headless API functionality to customers. 

These API’s are unique in the fact that FusionIQ now offers a web based, mobile based, and custom UIs and APIs, all on the same platform. This extensible, scalable and secure cloud platform offers leading technology and security that simplifies connectivity to multiple points for customers.
FusionIQ’s API infrastructure powers investment experiences such as fractional shares, trading, investing, and retirement. For firms who already have their own front-end office, having these external API’s available to them for UI/UX development, allows embedded investing into standard everyday activities and creates an environment that converts consumers into investors more efficiently.
“This is an exciting step forward for the team at FusionIQ, and more importantly, our customers,” says Peter Ierardi, chief technology officer of FusionIQ. “We work closely with our partners and customers to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that help them stay ahead of their clients’ needs, and this is just the latest example. We look forward to further developing and innovating best-in-class solutions into our workstation that coincide with our customer’s integration efforts, result in rapid deployment, and simplify the overall complexities of the investment market.”