Albemarle Asset Management partners with Linedata to deliver Risk Management services

Linedata, a global provider of credit and asset management technology, data and services, has announced an expanded partnership with Albemarle Asset Management to provide Risk calculation and reporting Services. 

The agreement frees up valuable time previously spent on manual processes, helping Albemarle diversify its offerings into new asset classes and fund structures while boosting productivity in a remote working environment.
“Linedata already provides us with a truly global platform for portfolio management, but adding Services to the mix will help bring greater efficiency to our operations,” says Guido Celauro at Albemarle Asset Management. “Leveraging industry leading Linedata’s Risk services allows us to continue to reliably manage risk across our portfolios, while freeing up time to focus on delivering value to investors as we explore alternative and more complex trading strategies.”
Albemarle will benefit from a streamlined and accurate calculation of value-at-risk (VaR) which relies on automatic data inclusion and management, following industry best practice as part of Linedata’s Global Services offering.

The daily risk reports and monthly stress testing provided by Linedata make it easier for Albemarle to scale and expand by launching new funds having regulatory requirements to closely monitor and manage risk metrics.
These services seamlessly integrate with Linedata’s existing portfolio management tools resulting in a powerful combination of software and services for advanced operational efficiency. Linedata’s experts providing the Risk services also work hand-in-hand with Albemarle in-house teams as a natural and secure extension of the organisation as the remote work continues.
“We are fully committed to equipping Albemarle with solutions to Digitally transform the underlying Risk processes and free up resources to focus on gaining competitive edge,” says Anup Kumar, Linedata’s Global Head of Global Services. “A blend of software and services in a Managed Services construct is key to achieving truly efficient workflows, optimal cost of delivery and productivity. Enabling time savings and easing process management in a remote working environment while mitigating risk empowers Albemarle to capture new investment opportunities in more volatile markets. We look forward to continuing working with Albemarle, finding new ways to streamline and enhance their operations globally.”