VTB Group takes stake in St Petersburg Stock Exchange

VTB Group has acquired 5 per cent of the ordinary shares in the St Petersburg Stock Exchange from NP RTS, the exchange’s main shareholder.

VTB Group is one of the largest trading participants in the St Petersburg Stock Exchange in terms of the volume of trading in international companies’ stocks, the number of active and registered clients, and the volume of client assets. Since the beginning of 2020, the turnover of VTB Capital Investment clients on the St Petersburg Stock Exchange has grown 20 times, and in Q1 this figure reached USD387 million per day. The number of transactions has increased 12 times and today exceeds 500 000 per day.
Yuri Soloviev, First Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Bank, says: "Trading platforms are now a fast-growing and dynamic business segment, so becoming a shareholder of the St Petersburg Stock Exchange is a profitable investment for VTB Group. We are seeing increased interest from private investors to be a stock market participant due to the expanding range of financial instruments, such as the stocks of international companies, and the development of access to trading through convenient mobile applications. For example, at the end of 2020, the number of users and the volume of operations for the VTB My Investments application increased fourfold. The cumulative effect of these trends contributes to an increase in the volume of trading on the exchange, which allows trading platforms to demonstrate high growth rates."
Roman Goryunov, President of the NP RTS Association, says: “The St Petersburg Stock Exchange’s development focuses on direct partnership with clients participating in market trading. Therefore, we strive to build a corporate structure that allows market representatives to actively participate in strategic decisions. The team at VTB Bank makes a significant contribution to the development of the financial infrastructure and the range of investment products of the Exchange, providing a high-quality service for its customers. Throughout the years of our cooperation, we have seen that we use similar advanced approaches in the development of the Russian market, stock trading and the introduction of new technologies. We thank VTB Bank for its cooperation and long-term partnership.”
The St Petersburg Stock Exchange provides investors with access to trading stocks of more than 1,500 foreign issuers from Europe, Asia, the United States, and India. A wide range of tools covers all sectors of the global economy and allows investors to implement investment ideas in any market environment, as well as effectively diversify portfolios and manage risks.
Since 30 September 2020, Vladimir Potapov, Chief Executive Officer of VTB Capital Investments, Senior Vice President of VTB, and Head of the Brokerage Services Department have all serve on the Board of Directors of the St Petersburg Stock Exchange.