GAM realigns systematic capabilities as part of ongoing strategy

GAM is realigning its systematic capabilities as part of its strategy focused on efficiency, transparency, and growth. The focus will be on GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia, which was already planned to move onto the new GAM SimCorp platform, and GAM Systematic Core Macro, which will now also move onto the platform.

This realignment will, amongst other benefits, provide an enhanced ability to provide sustainable versions of the strategies as part of the wider focus on sustainability. A sustainable version of Core Macro will be added to the suite of sustainable strategies, which include the recently launched sustainable version of the Local Emerging Bond Fund and a Climate Bond Fund which is being launched during the second quarter in response to client demand.
Anthony Lawler will continue to lead the overall GAM Systematic business and Dr Chris Longworth and Dr Silvia Stanescu will lead a strong team of 10 highly experienced investment professionals and investment specialists based in Cambridge who will continue to manage our GAM Systematic Core Macro strategy and the launch of Sustainable Core Macro as well as leveraging the functionality of the new SimCorp platform. The GAM Systematic Core Macro strategy’s long track record will remain in place on the new platform and there will be no change to its expected investment profile. The smaller systematic investment strategies will be closed. The migration will happen over the next few months.
These changes have no impact on the GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia team or strategy managed out of London and Zurich led by Dr Lars Jaeger.
As a result of the migration, we envisage a reduction in roles across operations, technology, and infrastructure in Cambridge. The firm will seek to integrate or redeploy these team members within GAM, where possible. Our systematic strategies will continue to be managed out of Cambridge, London and Zurich.
Peter Sanderson, Group Chief Executive Officer at GAM, says: “At GAM, we are continually striving to provide clients with products and solutions that will enhance and protect their financial future. GAM Systematic remains an important part of our client offering, and we will continue to focus on our largest and longstanding systematic capabilities – Alternative Risk Premia and Core Macro – both of which have demonstrated long-term performance for clients. This move will also strengthen our capabilities to provide sustainable versions of our systematic strategies for our clients.”