Sarasin & Partners boosts thematic range with Tomorrow’s World launch

Sarasin & Partners, a global thematic investment manager with GBP17 billion invested on behalf of charities, private clients and institutions, is enhancing its thematic fund range with the launch of the Sarasin Tomorrow’s World Multi-Asset Fund.

As the Covid-19 pandemic provides an opportunity to hit reset on the global economy, the ambitious strategy addresses the growing desire to invest for a more sustainable world. The fund invests in purposeful companies supporting positive social and economic development, which can assist in redrawing the status quo and help create a more sustainable world for future generations.

The fund aims to provide long-term capital growth through a diversified portfolio of assets – including 30-50 global equities, sterling bonds, as well as alternatives. It aims to provide investors with growth, balanced to manage both financial and sustainability risks.

Sarasin & Partners has a long track record in constructing balanced multi-asset portfolios able to meet client objectives, while prioritising sustainable economic growth. This is evidenced by the outperformance of the GlobalSar Strategic, GlobalSar Dynamic and Multi Asset Target Return funds over three and five years. 

On the equity side, Tomorrow’s World focuses on companies solving the problems of people and the planet profitably but not profiting from causing significant harm. Sarasin’s global thematic approach to investing, which has underpinned the group’s equity selection since 1996, looks to capitalise on long-term secular megatrends shaping the global economy – notably climate change, digitalisation, ageing, evolving consumption and automation.

In its fixed income selection, the fund backs organisations supporting social and economic development – such as universities, housing associations, charities and building societies – mostly in the UK.

Responsible stewardship is a key part of the fund’s investment process, encouraging companies to scale up sustainable behaviour and wind-down harmful activities. Sarasin is serious about ensuring capital is allocated sustainably and believes engagement, voting and policy outreach can drive positive change to sustainable growth..

The strategy is managed by a highly experienced team with diverse backgrounds. Fund manager Henning Meyer has been constructing balanced multi-asset portfolios for Sarasin clients since joining the firm in 2014. He works across the GlobalSar fund range and also runs the Sarasin Climate Active Fund. 

Meyer is joined by fund manager Megan Brennan who is also responsible for the management of two other Sarasin thematic equity funds and for our multi asset Target Return Franchise.

Fund strategist Henry Boucher has almost four decades of investment experience, specialising in multi-asset and global equity fund management. He is also deputy CIO and co-manages the firm’s Food and Agriculture Opportunities strategy.

Meyer says: “We do not yet know what shape the economic recovery will take, but we can be reasonably sure of the colour – green. Damage to our climate, polluted seas, collapsing wildlife populations and unjustifiable social problems are legacies of how the economy has operated in the past. Companies have booked profits despite the harm they cause. Tomorrow’s world will be different.

“The current crisis offers a timely opportunity to reinvent the ways in which businesses operate and people function, while building on the positive aspects of recent human development – such as advances in healthcare and improving standards of living. Our job is to identify the companies at the forefront of this movement. These will be tomorrow’s winners.”

Boucher adds: “Across generations, many investors are seeking a more sustainable investment approach. At Sarasin, we have spent the last two years developing the Tomorrow’s World strategy for our clients. Based on our long-established thematic and sustainable investment expertise, the fund is a natural evolution of our philosophy and is designed to meet the needs of today’s investors, without compromising the needs of future generations.”