Sustainable Capital mandates Bedford Row Capital for new EUR25m Smart Agricultural green bond project

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Bedford Row Capital PLC (BRC), a global non-bank structuring specialist, has been mandated by Sustainable Capital PLC (Issuer), for a listed ICMA-compliant green bond offering of EUR25 million. The green bond will be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange maturing 2024. 

The Issuer, Agtech enterprise SMARTKAS (recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network), will issue a EUR ICMA-compliant Green Bond to finance the development and construction of five Smart Farm facilities in high profile cities in Europe, which are backed by local governments and secured by off-takers. The projects will be located in London, Monaco, Amsterdam, Munich and Toulouse. Additionally, further locations and off-takers will be secured to position SMARTKAS as a global player and increase revenue and accelerate asset value. 

SMARTKAS is an Agtech enterprise that is currently disrupting the industry by fusing solutions found in hydroponic greenhouses with high precision farming tech and their mission is to provide Food Security as a service.  

Dr David Meszaros, CEO of SMARTKAS, says: “It’s a huge recognition that SMARTKAS will be launching their green bond on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, especially with the focuses on such five high profile cities in Europe which will be the cornerstones for NetZero supply chains globally. Our focus is to provide these cities with organic and pesticide free fruit and vegetables in a sustainable and energy and water neutral environment. Keeping in line with the Farm to Fork agenda of the European Union the NetZero supply chain of SMARTKAS means that from start to finish, from seed to the plate of the consumers the entire process will be done using strictly renewable resources and a carbon neutral approach. SMARTKAS will plant, grow, harvest and deliver to its customers in a fully clean and green way.” 

Dr Scott Levy, CEO of BRC, says: “SMARTKAS is clearly disrupting the industry in a positive way and leads the way to a sustainable and emission free farming. We are delighted to be part of this movement and immensely proud to be awarded this mandate and to provide our expertise to Sustainable Capital PLC.”