Nordea’s ESG-focused Emerging Stars Equity fund named in top five EM equity funds for environmental performance

Nordea Asset Management’s Emerging Stars Equity fund has been recognised by Climetrics, the climate rating for funds, as one of the top five emerging markets equity funds for environmental performance.  

Backed by EU-funded non-profit CDP and ISS ESG, Climetrics enables all investors to find funds that invest in companies that are better at managing material issues related to climate change, water security and deforestation.  

The scoring system is based on three layers of analysis: a fund's portfolio holdings, its investment policy, and asset manager governance of environmental issues. Ratings are awarded on a scale of 1-leaf (lowest rating) to 5-leaf (highest rating). The full methodology is public and the full database of nearly 20,000 funds – 30 per cent of the global fund market – is free-to-search for anyone.   

Nordea’s Emerging Stars Equity fund has one of the five highest scores in the emerging markets equity category rated by Climetrics. The award means that, on average, the companies in a fund’s portfolio are better at disclosing and managing material climate, water and deforestation issues compared to those in lower rated funds.  

Juliana Hansveden, portfolio manager of the Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Equity fund, says: "We are honoured to be a recipient of this Climetrics award. We won this award by focusing our fund’s investment strategy on managing material climate risk and engaging with companies to strengthen their ESG practices. The European fund industry plays a key role in driving companies to transition by investing in those providing solutions to the environmental challenges facing our world today, and those taking action to address climate change."

Nordea’s Emerging Stars Equity fund takes a fundamental, bottom-up, high-conviction approach with integrated ESG research and a focus on quality companies. The management team’s high-conviction approach means they don’t risk holding businesses they don’t feel very strongly about, and they keep a focus on companies with strong balance sheets.   

Nico Fettes, head of product development at CDP Europe, says: "Congratulations to the top five emerging markets equity funds awarded in this year’s Climetrics Fund Awards. These awards recognise the funds that perform best in terms of their management of key material environmental risks and opportunities. The fund industry can be a major lever for motivating companies around the world to improve how they disclose and manage their impacts. Climetrics’ provides the transparency needed to move capital into climate-resilient, resource-secure funds and give investors greater confidence in their investments."