Style Analytics partners with Foresight Analytics to deliver decision insights

Style Analytics, a London and Boston based factor analysis firm that is now a part of Investment Metrics, has partnered with Australian-based asset consultant and research advisory firm, Foresight Analytics, to deliver decision insights, advice and direction to its myriad of clients on complex problems, opaque products and interconnected economies and markets.

This partnership allows Foresight Analytics’ clients to receive Style Analytics research and customised content showcasing their array of services, capabilities and functionality around factor analysis and ESG analytics.
Foresight Analytics’ Founder and CEO Jay Kumar, says: “As a long-time customer of Style Analytics, I am delighted to be able to bring their in-depth insights, analytics and research to our client base as an extension and enhancement of the cutting-edge techniques and tools Foresight Analytics already offers. The combined partnership will provide unparalleled actionable insights and help our clients make superior investment and business decisions.”
Damian Handzy, Head of Research and Applied Analytics of Style Analytics, says: “Factor Investing, including ESG Investing, is rapidly expanding due to growing interest among asset managers and other institutional stakeholders to invest capital in a socially responsible way. We are thrilled at the opportunity to deliver our factor and ESG analytics to Foresight clients and to help to ensure that they can optimise financial return and social obligation.”
Style Analytics’ products and services help institutional investors and investment managers determine which fundamental factor and ESG exposures impact portfolio risk and performance. This includes services and functionality analysing ESG measures. By using the unique Style Skyline, investors can better analyse markets, peers and portfolios, and get a precise picture of a portfolio’s exposure to the factors that matter the most.

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