Infusive exceeds USD500m in AUM

Infusive Asset Management has exceeded USD500 million in assets under management and its UCITS fund surpassed +100 per cent cumulative return since the company's launch in June 2016. 

Andrea Ruggeri, CEO of Infusive, says: "I am extremely grateful to be working alongside such a dedicated team whose talent and focus has allowed Infusive to grow throughout the pandemic and hit these significant milestones. We will work hard to build on 2020's success to extend into 2021 with positive momentum."

Infusive's investment strategy – Consumer Alpha – is centred on its UCITS fund and ETF (NYSE: JOYY) whose portfolios consist of a carefully vetted list of companies that generate revenue from goods and services that appeal to consumers desires and impulses. 

To capitalise on market performance, Infusive harnesses its Consumer Alpha investment philosophy which is based on human tendencies to seek out happiness through purchases that enhance innate inclinations. Examples include companies that offer desired entertainment, convenience, indulgence and other impulses that yield joy and happiness.

For 2020, Infusive's UCITS fund was up 43 per cent and its ETF was up 31 per cent. 
"We felt that both our UCITS Fund and ETF were positioned to outperform before the pandemic hit, and with it here, we are paying close attention to several consumer sectors which benefit from reopening of the economy," adds Ruggeri. "We invest in top-tier organisations who are leaders their fields and offer sustainable growth that should help drive the firm's performance for years to come."

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