Moonstake Wallet officially commences staking support for QURAS

Moonstake is now supporting staking of QURAS's cryptocurrency XQC in its Web and Mobile Wallets following the announcement of a strategic partnership between the two firms in April of last year.

QURAS is a blockchain that enables anonymous, privacy-protected transactions. After three years of conception and development, its mainnet was officially launched on 19 December 2020. It features the benefits of blockchain while ensuring a certain level of confidentiality by providing privacy technology.

There are two coins in QURAS: XQC and XQG, a gas token. Users can earn XQG approximately every 18 seconds by holding XQC. XQG is designed to decrease for every 2 million QURAS blockchain blocks generated, and more XQG is allocated to holders who support QURAS through their holding XQC from early phases.

So far, Moonstake has supported Cosmos, IRISnet, Ontology, Harmony, Tezos, Cardano, Qtum, and Polkadot for staking. All of these coins require staking steps in a wallet, but XQC, users will be rewarded with XQG by holding QURAS in a Moonstake Wallet.