Aberdeen Standard Investments launches new dynamic multi-asset income fund

Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) has launched a new Dynamic Multi Asset Income Fund, offering institutional investors a new way of targeting a high income stream with a high level of reliability.

The Fund aims to generate a 5.5 per cent annual yield while preserving the original capital (gross of fees) over a rolling five year period. It focuses at all levels of the process on the income derived per unit of risk taken, resulting in a reliable and attractive level of income that many investors require.

The portfolio invests in three core asset classes – Global Credit, Global Equities and Emerging Market Debt – to achieve a high level of diversification. These allocations are actively managed by ASI’s specialist asset class teams and will benefit from each team’s approach to evaluating ESG risk and opportunities.

The Fund will be managed by the Dynamic Multi Asset team, led by Scott Smith. Scott and his team apply tried and trusted techniques to the core investments to boost the income and manage risk.

Scott Smith, Head of Dynamic Multi Asset at Aberdeen Standard Investments, says: “The new Income fund brings together the full range of tools from our Multi Asset team to offer a new approach to an old problem. By focusing on the income generation in the fund per unit of risk taken, we believe we can offer investors an exciting new way of targeting an attractive level of income with a good degree of reliability.”

Alex Hoctor-Duncan, Global Head of Aberdeen Standard Investments, says: “Many investors have a need for income, and the demand continues to grow. In recent years, the search for yield has often led some investors to adopt less liquid investments. The Dynamic Multi Asset Income Fund represents an alternative, highly liquid approach for investors.”