Bedford Row Capital wins multi-currency mandate for green bond listing

Bedford Row Capital (BRC), a global non-bank structuring specialist, has been mandated by Sustainable Capital PLC, for a listed ICMA-compliant green bond offering of USD14.8million and GBP28.1million.

Sustainable Capital (recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network) has issued USD and EUR ICMA-compliant green bonds to finance Energy Storage´s development and construction of thermal clean generation and green power plants for “on-site-of-need” commercial and industrial customers, on a “distributed energy” model in Australia. This power generation operation of Energy Storage offers immediate income potential. Energy Storage has been in R&D with leading Australian universities and government bodies for the last five years and is among the leading thermal long duration energy storage developers globally. Energy Storage considers that its patent library and technology offers the potential of transformational shifts in zero emission heat management and long duration energy storage for Industry and Variable Renewable Energy generators.

The ICMA-compliant green bonds are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and have fixed annual interest rates of USD8.14% and GBP8.21%, paid quarterly, maturing on 6 July, 2025. 
Dr Scott Levy, CEO of BRC, says: “We are immensely proud to provide our expertise to Sustainable Capital. We are highly committed to this sector as a growing asset class due to the fundamental positive impact for the environment.  The green credentials of this project are vitally important in current times and we are pleased to work closely with excellent team at Energy Storage to ensure the highest sustainability standards.”
Stephen White, Director of Energy Storage, says: “Our focus is to serve the increasing consumer demand for clean sustainable base load energy, through providing valuable energy storage and power efficiency solutions at grid scale. We see an enormous demand for investments in renewable energy and our technologies offer low cost long duration energy storage to support and improve the commercial viability of these developments, by overcoming their intermittent nature. Additionally, this affordable clean power generation and storage allows businesses and societies the opportunity to launch new zero CO2 emission initiatives. Working with Bedford Row allows us to accelerate revenue across multiple robust cash-flow projects and to benefit the environment at the same time.“