Style Analytics adds 24 new clients and increases subscriptions from 41 clients in the past nine months

Style Analytics, a London and Boston based factor analysis firm, has added 24 new global asset owners and managers to its roster of industry-leading clients over the past nine months and 41 of its historical clients have increased their subscriptions for new products and modules.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, Style Analytics has delivered several product enhancements designed to help investors better navigate turbulent markets, including deeper industry factor analysis, the new Master Skyline visualisation and Similyzer, the industry’s only tool to quickly find funds based on the similarity of factor profiles. As the COVID pandemic regains strength in the winter months, Style Analytics will continue its fast pace of innovation with significant product roll-outs planned for early 2021.

The new clients span the globe with headquarters in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. One of these new clients, EBI Portfolios, a Turnkey Asset Management Provider (TAMP) based in the UK’s West Midlands, leverages Style Analytics’ platform to better understand the exposure of their funds-of-funds and individual externally managed funds for their global network of Financial Advisers.

EBI Portfolios’ CEO Craig Burgess, says: “Style Analytics’ sophisticated analysis tools allow EBI to conduct detailed attribution analysis on our composite funds, enabling us to gain far clearer insight into our factor exposures, and to ascertain which constituent funds serve to effectively reduce those exposures. In addition, the ability to map EBI’s portfolios against comparable competitor portfolios has been a valuable resource in instilling confidence in the minds of new clients.”

Style Analytics’ new clients also include South African investment manager Selekane Asset Consultants, UK asset manager Talisman Global Asset Management, Canada’s University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation, and US small/mid-cap equities specialists Frontier Capital Management.

Sebastien Roussotte, Chief Executive Officer of Style Analytics, says: “The continuing growth of our client base throughout this globally challenging year shows the expanding demand for factor analytics and data-driven solutions. We remain committed to leading the industry in innovative factor-investing solutions so our clients can continue to make confident investment decisions. This has proven to be particularly relevant in this period of intense volatility and turbulent markets.”

Style Analytics’ products and services help institutional investors and investment managers determine which fundamental factor and ESG exposures impact portfolio risk and performance. This includes services and functionality analysing ESG measures. By using the unique Style Skyline™, investors can better analyse markets, peers and portfolios, and get a precise picture of a portfolio’s exposure to the factors that matter the most.