QCAM Currency Asset Management launches FX BIAS

Zug-based Asset and Currency Manager QCAM Currency Asset Management has launched FX BIAS, a new trading strategy that is based on business climate surveys and is offered to investors via a UBS certificate.  

For 15 years, QCAM Currency Asset Management has been successfully helping its clients to hedge their currency risk and to achieve additional returns in currency management. Since 2016, QCAM has been pursuing three strategic approaches in Dynamic Currency Overlay: “Discretionary Macro”, “Technical” and “Business Sentiment”. With this mix of very different strategic approaches, the FX specialist has succeeded in detecting changes in currency trends at an early stage and advising its clients accordingly.   

QCAM FX BIAS is a unique approach and is available via a UBS certificate
Among these three strategic areas 'Business Sentiment' differs significantly from what other currency managers offer. With a systematic use of business climate surveys, the QCAM has built a rules-based bridge between economic developments and exchange rates. Economic developments influence interest rates expectations and thus also exchange rates. QCAM FX BIAS (Business Intelligence Alpha Strategy) bundles this approach into a total return product that is diversified across eight currencies. This results in attractive returns that clearly outperform traditional currency strategies such as 'Carry', 'Momentum' and 'Value' and at the same time do not correlate with risk factors such as volatility. QCAM FX BIAS is easy to understand, transparent, systematic, diversified and now available to investors through a UBS certificate. 

With daily liquidity, available in EUR, CHF and USD at attractive conditions, the UBS-certificate is an appealing innovation for investors.

"As the economic sentiment is becoming increasingly important as a determinant in investment decisions, we are pleased to be launching this innovation as a supplement to our broad Currency and Asset Management service package,“ says Thomas Suter, CEO of QCAM Currency Asset Management AG. "With our leading FX expertise and a comprehensive range of offerings and solutions, we provide added value to our clients – institutional investors, pension funds, asset managers and SMEs."

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