Banor Capital launches Aristea SICAV’s new global emerging markets debt strategy

Banor Capital has launched the ARISTEA SICAV FIM GEM Debt, a UCITS fund dedicated to global emerging markets debt.

ARISTEA SICAV FIM GEM Debt Fund is a sub-fund of Aristea Sicav (Luxembourg, UCITS V) with a focus on the best opportunities in fixed income securities issued by emerging and frontier countries.

Investment decisions are based on a fundamental approach and through a careful analysis of the issuers. The strategy is well-diversified, and includes a risk mitigating framework designed to reduce market risk. The investment team is lead by Francesc Balcells, who prior to his current role, managed similar products at PIMCO, where he managed assets worth over USD17 billion invested in global EM, and at Harvard Management Company, where he was responsible for EM portfolios.

The strict and meticulous investment process is characterised by a series of steps that take into account various filters, including compliance with ESG criteria, which lead to a high conviction portfolio, consisting of approximately 40-50 positions.

The sub-fund is dedicated to investors who intend to pursue medium to long term capital growth with medium volatility.

Giacomo Mergoni, CEO of Banor Capital, says: "The global emerging markets debt strategy is an important addition to Banor’s offering. Over the last twenty years we’ve had the opportunity to build and strengthen our relationship with extraordinary fund managers, including Francesc Balcells. Moreover, emerging markets and frontier markets present very good and idiosyncratic opportunities for returns within a diversified portfolio. During the truly unique times we are going through, characterised by low interest rates and a shock to global economies, this new fund should be able to capture diversified returns with a medium risk profile".