A&A Investment Adviser to acquire an Irish ICAV

A&A Investment Adviser's Luxembourg’s entity has agreed to terms with an Asset Management Firm to acquire an Irish ICAV, which it says will be one of the most innovative launch platforms for quantitative sub-funds in UCIT's format in the European market.

The acquisition of Irish ICAV enables A&A Investment Adviser to accelerate the company's expansion process and gain significant position market in the highly competitive EU market.

The combination of having a specialised UCIT's vehicle for AI/Big Data/Quantitative teams and being present in Luxembourg as the European hub of investment funds, allows the company to offer the institutional financial market and Fintech companies the opportunity to launch unique sub-funds with a high component of innovation and sustainable finance platform.

According to Javier Villena, CEO of A&A: "This acquisition allows us to launch a UCITS fund to invest in ETF, futures and options on equities, bonds, currencies and short-term interest rates across multiple time horizons, using a quantitative approach based on algorithmic trading. We will provide the Fintech community with a unique vehicle with UCIT’s regulation in the EU, to create investment funds with high IT components.”