Matthews Asia announces cuts to ongoing charges figure across all UCITS equity funds

Matthews Asia has reduced the maximum ongoing charges figures (OCFs) across the range of Matthews Asia Funds UCITS equity sub-funds effective 1 October 2020.  

The equity sub-funds of the UCITS range that is distributed across Europe, including the UK, will see a reduction of their maximum OCFs between 20-45 basis points (0.20 per cent-0.45 per cent) depending on the Fund and Share Class, representing a 9 per cent-36 per cent reduction to the maximum OCF.  

The company believes the reduction in maximum OCFs will directly benefit investors across the Matthews Asia Funds range, including investors in its most widely held Fund—the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund—as well as our Morningstar 5-star rated Matthews Asia ex-Japan Dividend Fund and Matthews Asia Dividend Fund.  
Neil Steedman, Head of EMEA & Asia Business Development, says: “These fee reductions continue our firm’s long-standing commitment to offer investors high quality specialist investment products at compelling value. As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our UCITS fund range, we are pleased to be able to pass these reductions on to our clients who have invested with us in order to gain differentiated exposure to Asia’s diverse and rapidly growing markets, and to be in position to provide these fee reductions at a time when the majority of our Funds have been performing strongly.”